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How to Exclude Custom Post Types From WordPress Search

What is the best way to make sure your custom post types don’t show up in WordPress search results? You can exclude them using WordPress’s native functionality.

How to Load Scripts/Styles Only for a Specific Custom Post Type on WP Dashboard

While creating a custom post type, sometimes we need to load specific scripts/styles related only to that specific custom post type and we don’t want to load those on other pages.

How to Create ‘Archive Only’ Custom Post Type in WordPress

Sometimes we need to create ‘Archive Only’ Custom post types with no single view. By using a specific hook, we can do this with a little bit of tweaking.

How Can You Show All Posts on A Archive Page for A Specific Custom Post Type (No Posts Pagination)

Sometimes we need to show all of the published custom posts of a specific custom post type on its archive page that should not have a posts pagination.

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